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Dr. Vanessa Torres van Grinsven



Dr. Vanessa Torres van Grinsven studied Philosophy and Social and Cultural Anthropology at the Universitat de Barcelona. With this background, she later specialised in research methodology. Her dissertation was on a methodological subject, namely motivation of respondents in business and organisational surveys and this research was carried out in a combined joint programme with Utrecht University and Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Business and organisational surveys are a broad field that include, for example, surveys done at schools and other professional organisations. Part of her PhD research was carried out within the European project Blue-Ets.

After, she worked as a lecturer research methodology at Wageningen University where she further developed her skills and knowledge about research methodology and teaching research methodology; and later as an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Education of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University. In this latter position her main task was the evaluation of the educational programme of the Medical education by means of online satisfaction surveys. 

Her approach is characterized by paradigmatic flexibility and tolerance. This supports the use of a mix of different research methods as well as modes of analysis while being guided primarily by the researcher’s desire to produce valid and socially useful knowledge. The important questions are whether the research has achieved the research goals and whether the gained knowledge is valid. Practically, this standpoint thrives well with the process approach (Kumar 1999 ), because in this process approach, the research  question or hypothesis is leading for all decisions in the various stages of research.



  • Mixed Methods
  • Using insights and procedures from qualitative research to improve the operationalisation of constructs in quantitative research and quantitative measurement instruments
  • The response process in psychometric tests and measurement error
  • Meta-research


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